Cat grass seeds instructions

Step 1: Find a small to medium size planter/conservable.

Step 2: Fill the planter most of the way full with planting soil.

Step 3: Sprinkle the cat grass seed liberally across the top of the earth. Cover the grass seed with a sparse amount of dirt.

Step 4: Water the seeds in the planter using a spray bottle  twice a day – morning and night is best. You don’t need a lot of water. Little and often is always best.

Step 5: In summer place in a room with plenty of indirect sunlight, in winter place on a window cill with plenty of direct sunlight.

Step 6: In about three days the grass will grow. Keep the grass sparsely watered.

Step 7: Your cat grass is ready to give to your cat when the leaves reach 3-4cm in height. Spray the leaves of the cat grass to aid your cats water intake as it chews on the grass

Step 8: Share a picture of you and your cat so we can celebrate together!