Cats love boxes. A secure, hidden spot where they are still able to keep an eye on what is happening in their environment. We’ve shaped Nest to a minimal, high-end, plywood based box.


Cats of all sizes can fit in this cat house.

Soft feather light pillow

We tested out all the varieties of fur. And this was the winner. Don’t worry, it’s faux - fur. No animals got harmed to make our cute box.

“Rising Sun” - sneak hole

The cat will feel safe, hidden in her secret spot. But still able to sneak around.

Screw-on legs

Easily attachable legs.

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height: 369mm
width: 482mm
depth: 394mm


premium poplar plywood
sustainable lacquer
sheet of imitation fur
(44% modacryl, 28.5% polyester, 27.5% acryl,
100% polyester on bottom side).


Maintenance pillow
Don’t bleach
Don’t tumble
Don’t iron

Geometric view

Front view

Side view

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